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Pressure Washing Katy provides industry-leading Concrete Cleaning Services in Katy, Texas. We are a business that takes pride in providing excellent customer service and amazing performance at a low cost.

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Professional Concrete Cleaning In katy, Texas

We are an environmentally conscious company that follows industry best practises and industry standards. We use the most advanced pressure washing equipment available in the industry to produce the results we do for our residential and commercial customers. Our Power Washing Equipment can generate both cold and hot water and can withstand pressures of up to 4500 PSI. Please contact us right away for cleaning any concrete surface. We provide commercial and residential concrete cleaning that you will love. No matter how dirty a surface is, proper pressure washing can clean it.

Pressure Washing

We have a lot of experience removing stains from concrete driveways, sidewalks, factory and warehouse floors, entry ways, parking lots, parking garages, and other surfaces. Pressure washing can remove Oil and Grease stains for commercial warehouses, garage floors, basement parking lots, etc. Stains from Brake, Hydraulic and Transmission Fluid can be hard to remove with standard cleaning solution, that is why pressure washing is the way to go. If your concrete is stained from Rust, Battery Acid and Fertilizer Stains, Food and Drink Spills, Dirt, Moss, Algae, Mold, Mildew, Lichen and other Microorganisms, pressure washers can clean them. Tire Marks and chewing Gum can also be removed with pressure washing techniques.

Do you need chewing gum or bubble gum removed from your commercial sidewalks, walkways, or school corridors, etc, then let us know. Hot water pressure washing can remove chewing gums effectively. We have all aspects of Concrete Cleaning & Stain Removal, including Gum Removal. For a free estimate, give us a call today. We are Katy’s leading chewing concrete stain removal company. We use cutting-edge dirt removal technology. Our dirt removal machinery and equipment was specifically designed for the job. To remove stains and accumulated dirt from the concrete surface. We use low-pressure steam or high pressure as required.

We’ve been washing concrete sidewalks for years. In the Power Washing industry, we have built a strong portfolio of satisfied customers over the years. Many of our commercial clients have concrete cleaned on a routine basis. What sets us apart is that we extract all traces of dirt and grime from your concrete surface. We use cutting-edge equipment and machinery to extract dirt with the least amount of water and pressure possible, which is beneficial for the atmosphere as well as the substrate being washed. When removing chewing gum from pavers, excessive pressure can harm certain substrates and cause sand loss.

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As a Professional Power Washing business, we are fully committed to our moral and legal obligations. We follow all EPA regulations and use only 100 percent environmentally friendly cleaning agents that are good for the environment as well as our customers’ pets and gardens. Schedule a driveway cleaning today to protect your family and pets.


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